Do You Receive Any of Your Bills in the Mail?

Clark recommends getting your credit card bills by mail (click to see why), and some people prefer mailed mortgage statements. Which bills do you prefer in paper vs. paperless?

The only bill I get in the mail is my water bill, because they do not offer an electronic option at this time…no surprise as its a county government run entity.

My Sister came to live near me. Because she will take over my farm in the event anything happens to me, I have some things sent via mail. It saves having to add her to many accounts or give her passwords, etc.

One of the rare occasions I disagree with Clark. 1. Mail is unreliable. 2. One can view statement online. 3. One can print your statement online. 4. One can set a payment date online. I am probably in a minority of people who use the online statement to record each transaction in Quicken when I set up payment. I would suggest that only the most computer illiterate should get paper statements.

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I agree. I track my cards in Quicken. I will know within a day, at most two, if there’s a bogus charge and not wait until the monthly statement.

When the statement is generated, I get an email letting me know, and I download and e-file it. And I read it, especially to look for any “notices” which might change the terms and conditions of the card.

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I get my water bill USPS because there is no other option.

Petty me, I also get my Target Redcard bill via USPS because Target locked me out of online access for no explained reason 8 years ago (took 2 months for them to resolve). So they can pay postage to send me a paper bill. Because who knows when they will have another glitch? I check and pay online, for now.

I get most of my bills in the mail…only ones that i don’t, they dont provide a hardcopy option, or it costs more. But I pay all online. Works best for me.

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One of my bills is impossible to view online. I can see what they say I owe, but no line item breakdown for this utility. If i did not get the bill in the mail, i would not have an itemized copy of what I am being charged for…couldnt print a copy of something that doesnt exist.

I get my bills and statements online and save PDF copies to the Google Drive. So much better than paper

The only bills I get on line are those that have an incentive to do so. Usually a condition to get a deal.

If there’s an option, I choose snail mail. I can access most things online… but when (not if) the Internet goes down I don’t want to be dependent on it alone.

I also keep some funds in banks that I can drive to and talk to real people. I understand that banks are dependent on the Internet for their operation but they also keep some cash on hand for things like the Internet going down.