Should I get insurance when mailing package with USPS?

USPS offers insurance when mailing packages, but I’m wondering how I’d even file a claim if they lose it? Would I need to show a receipt? Most times I don’t have one. Will they accept other ways to prove value? If not, why bother with the insurance?

If it is something of value maybe consider using who jewelers use UPS or FedEx.
Uncle Sam has a way of weaseling out of even their own rules/codes.

If the $ value is more than what is automatically provided, yes. Filing a claim is easy.

Yes. I have mailed three certified mail last year. Of the three mailed, USPS never showed any of the three were delivered and tracking was lost at distribution center! One was IRS recipient.
I learned to charge each transaction on a separate credit card transaction. Now I dispute USPS failures and get the credit card to reverse the charge.

NEVER if valuables out of the USA. Got burned by Sam refusing to pay a measly $100 claim after thieves at the destination country’s p.o. stole a cheap piece of jewelry and left the rest. Like diamond merchants do, Ship UPS or FedEx so hopefully only company employees, not government crooks, handle the package.

I shipped a firearm to the manufacturer for service and FedEx lost it for months then finally found it. They are not infallible either.

Why bother with the post office at all? Their prices to get packages are about the same as FedEx and UPS, and they don’t take an incredibly long time to arrive. If you have a claim it is a nightmare. I just don’t mail anything valuable or that important with UPS. And they’re horrible delivery times for plain mail is atrocious.