Decent Folding Chair

The older I get the harder it is for me to get in and out of those low-slung folding chairs. I’m six-one, 180lbs with pretty advanced neuropathy, so getting started in the right direction when I get up becomes a consideration. The chair should also should be able to keep me upright when a 5-year-old decides to greet me with an enthusiastic running leap into my lap.

This summer, after the first gruelling family-reunion-style outdoor gathering I decided to look for a chair better suited to my needs. Height is important, so I just considered those which sat a little higher than the average folding chair. I bought a “Brute Force” model that supposed to handle up to 400 lbs and is a lot sturdier than most. It sits 30" off the ground, feels unusually sturdy and doesn’t sag, now all I have to do is figure out how to keep the legs from sinking into a deep-thatched lawn.

I have a portable outdoors chair that is more on the director’s chair style. No difficulty in getting into or out of the chair. Very lightweight, but sturdy. They have a side table that can be convenient for holding a drink, snacks, or even a book. I’ve seen versions that rock, ones with u-shaped “legs” that wouldn’t dig into turf, and several other configurations.

#SonoranSilkies… I just attended a backyard gathering and used one like you describe. I liked everything about it but the width of the seat, (way too wide,) and the fact the back wasn’t mesh.