Stairlift Marketing Tactics

Wife thinks we need a Stairlift if we are going to stay in our home.
We have started the process. We have time!

So far we have interviewed 2 Sellers… Nice folks but knowledge and Selling Style questionable.

I had viewed several Youtube Videos… including one on installation… not that I would even consider installing one myself… but it provided a lot of information on How they work, Safety Features etc. Frankly, I felt I knew more than the Rep from those Videos.

I had assembled a list of Questions… for most of which he had to call his Manager… did not inspire confidence. I asked if a Techie would do a final assessment before installation. He said he would do it. :cold_face:

Starting price for a straight stairs was $8,000. Double that for a curved stairs.

The price dropped to about $4000 if I signed today. I said I was not buying a Time Share… he understood. Options like Power Swivel chair and “Bottom Rail Auto Foldup” added 2000 and no deal on them.

I told the second one he was not the first nor the last. I viewed this similar to buying a car. Gather info, decide on the Dealer, do a test drive… and if they were chosen, I would expect the today price. Funny, I got no resistance on that.

Be aware, there is far more and better info on YouTube than the Glossy Brochure provided.

I was amazed how many are in this Business. Unlike car videos, I found no side by side comparisons you need to watch them and take notes.
A Friend who has one would be helpful especially when it comes to Service after the Sale.

When my next door neighbors moved in 15+ years ago, they removed the stairlift and donated it to one of Habitat’s Rehome stores. Perfectly good condition, but they were a younger family vs slightly older with a paraplegic family. So there may be similar options available to you. Also, consider speaking to a remodeling contractor whose goal is to best fit your needs vs sell you their product. There are also elevator possibilities that may be just as good or better.