Angi to the rescue

I have been looking, to no avail, for someone to do some minor carpentry work at my home. I have some rotted wood around some of my windows that need repaired or replaced. I’ve tried to avoid using search services like Angi, Thumbtack, etc., but they seem to have all the carpentry work locked down, so you have to go through them if you want to find someone to do the work. So, I relented and called Angi out of desperation. They asked me to explain what I want done, so I did. Next thing, I know, they are quoting me a price, booking me an appointment to get the work done and telling me some of the people they choose to do the work will be calling me to set up a time to come out and do the work for the agreed price. Ten minutes later I get a text from someone saying they will be out to do the project on June 7. All this, without ever coming to my house to see what needs to be done or what material is required.

I am a little taken back by someone who agrees to do the work without ever seeing the project or what material involved. This looks like something that is set up for failure.

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Agreed! Proceed with caution…

I always thought you get estimates from a few repair outfits to hash out the unrealistic ones.

You need multiple quotes that specify the work to be done, the cost, and the timeframe. Small contractors can be helpful as they usually have multiple subcontractors that they use. Handymen can do some jobs. Check licenses and references. I might take a friend’s recommendation, but i wouldn’t hire from an untried (by me) agency…send me people to interview and choose from? Sure. Just schedule the work based upon who is available on their schedule? Absolutely not.

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There was a magazine that compared prices for services. Imagine someone calling multiple TV repair shops asking the cost to replace a TV screen on a specific model tv (back when they had CRTs). The prices might range from $54 to $240. One explanation seemed that the high quotes were from people who didn’t want to do the work, but for that price, it was worth their time.

You may have received a quote well above what the actual cost will end up so they can cover any possible unexpected issues.

If I was on the quoting side of this transaction, I would get the address and use Google street view to see what type of windows are there, ability to access them, etc.

A few decades back, a landscaper in NJ got a call from a home owner saying that they needed two shrubs by their front door replaced. They wanted the same shrubs but didn’t know what they were. The landscaper asked for the address and immediately said, “They are…” and named the shrubs. The homeowner was perplexed until the landscaper said that he installed those shurubs in the early 1950’s. I don’t know the current owners, but I know the house inside and out :slight_smile:

I had some electric work done today: install two ceiling fans, repair another, replace a switch, install a smart doorbell. I didn’t ask for a quote ahead of time, because I’ve used this electrician before, and knew the price would be fair, and the work would be quality. And it was. There is another, larger job that needs to be done, and they told me they would submit a quote. I appreciate that they said it that way, expecting that I’d look at more than just their quote.

IS this using Angi?

No, this was not using Angi. It was in reference to getting quotes for work to be done.

I am finding Angi much too aggressive. Not only are the service people calling me even if I don’t “submit” all my info, someone from Angi calls to find out why I’m not scheduling someone and saying I can have quotes submitted to them and they will contact me and why don’t I have them submit my info to more people, people that I haven’t chosen. I liked when I could just read others reviews and see what they paid for their jobs. This has become much too high pressured for me. I’m starting to use Nextdoor for recommendations and then BBB to check for complaints. Angi, you screwed up a good thing.

So true! Have not used them in ages, but someone would continue to call, long after I closed my request. They don’t just go away…!

Have you looked at
Folks give their experience with local providers.

I have had no problem getting multiple visits and estimates.

I had a drainage problem.
The estimates ranged greatly…from landscaping to drilling the Basement floor and heavy digging to install a French Drain.

The Landscaper solved the problem by redirecting the water for a reasonable charge. I had decided that the Landscaperer was worth a shot even if a more costly option was eventually needed.