Attic addional insulation

I understand one of Clark’s people has having it done on May 1. I see my rafters too. Any suggestion for companies who were legit.

Doesn’t this depend on your location, which companies are near you?

I had squirrels and bats in my attic and got a company (2 hours away) that removed the insulation, sanitized, air-gap sealed the floors, put metal mesh on any openings they found, put in new baffles and better insulation. They photographed every step along the way, too, as documentation for me. And they set up plastic sheeting along the path they used from the attic to the window to remove the old insulation from the attic to the outside so no fibers were released in my upstairs bedroom. I was really quite impressed with their work, which took a good part of a day, and they had a long drive both ways.

The work was done by hispanics, maybe immigrants, and they worked hard – I gave the 3 of them a generous tip afterwards, because I wasn’t sure that they were getting a good wage.

It cost me about $3500, but I think it was worth it rather than finding some dude who would do a shabby job for $1000, or just new insulation for $200, and my case was extreme! I’ll also use the new insulation and air-gap sealing as a selling point when I eventually sell.

I have not had any critters in my attic since. I’m not sure if I notice any difference with the air-gap sealing, but they definitely did it – they asked me to come up in the attic to see what they had done before installing the baffles and insulation.

The company is in my state and probably serves a nearby state, but they drove 2 hours to get to my house.