Roof scammers that want all their money up front

How do you handle roof scammers that insist on receiving all the insurance proceeds up front and give you a useless contract with no guarantee or warranty?

Is the answer more complicated than…ignore them ?

Simple answer, find another roofing company that is legitimate.

If you have already been scammed, contact your local police non-emergency number, the state’s registrar of contractors (or whoever licenses contractors) and ask for assistance in how to proceed. Local news stations also often have someone who investigates consumer issues such as this.

If you are looking for a contractor, make sure they are licensed (check it out, don’t just assume that a business card or verbal commentary are accurate. Ask for nearby references that you can contact. Check out how long they have been in business. If you’ve had friends or neighbors who have had roofing done in the past few years, ask them for references. You can also ask your home insurance company for recommendations.

In addition to the previous suggestions you can obtain the contractors litigation in you county on the county court house web site.

Your state attorney general’s web site will contain useful information about their standing and their registered agents for the service of sit papers.

I usually run a criminal and civil back ground check on the sales person.

If they are from another state I also run the check at their county of residence and through Pacer.

Pacer is not free but is cheap.

If you have a neighborhood web site like NextDoor.Com then check with your neighbors to see what their experience is.

Finally, ask the insurance adjuster from you insurance company what they know wbout the contractor.