Horrible TaskRabbit Experience - Read this before using them

When a tasker causes damage (large or small), TaskRabbit requires you to first file a claim with your homeowners insurance & provide proof that you’ve done so. Currently in the US, just about any claim against your homeowners insurance will result in either an huge jump in your rates or complete cancellation of coverage, and good luck finding new homeowners insurance. When a tasker caused damage in my home, that’s what the company required - that I file a claim with my homeowners insurance. So this is forcing me to pay for the repair and replacement of items (including finding someone qualified to do that repair). So much for the Happiness Pledge from TaskRabbit. Then when I went into their system to give a review, suddenly I’m not able, and the tasker that was working on my shower - it now says he was doing furniture assembly! He dropped the expensive rain shower head, severely damaging it, plus damaged the handle that selects handheld or shower. I’ll have to replace the entire unit (as the head itself and handle aren’t available separately). The unit is about $520 plus the cost of having a qualified plumber install it. I’ll never, ever use TaskRabbit again, and I really don’t recommend anyone else do so either - the risk is too high. Please read the details on their ‘Happiness Pledge’ and you will probably agree.

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The dollar amount of damage likely doesn’t exceed your deductible so making a claim against your homeowners insurance isn’t’ helpful.

Taskrabbit should have its own insurance for a case like this.

I think Taskrabbit is okay for low skill tasks like assembling IKEA furniture, moving something, etc. Otherwise stick to a known handyman or plumber, electrician, etc.

Good feedback on Taskrabbit.

What is Task Rabbit? Is it one of those Uber/AirBNB/DoorDash ideas of giving people gig jobs?