Insurance claims vs cash pay vs clue report

So a few years back our property experienced a hail event. Roofer of course descended on the neighborhood. A couple told me I had damage and provided a picture from “my” roof. I call a trusted roofer and he said that he found no damage. So I decided not to replace roof until later. During this time Amica, via email, changed my policy from replacement cost to actual cash value. :rage: :rage:Fast forward a few years and its time for the roof to get replaced due to old age and a recent hail event. Question is should I use the insurance or just pay cash. Cash price 10k. Insurance 2% deductible (8k) plus actual cash value. So Amica is getting off with minimal cost. Not sure if its worth the claim on my clue report. I’ve had two auto hail claims(texas) in the last 3 years (5k and 3K) and afraid they will drop me. Even thought I’ll probably drop them do to their practices. TIA

If you can write the check for it, I would not file the claim. I only use homeowners insurance for catastrophic events for which the money outlay would be large, of which this does not seem like one. Plus, the roof is already old. just replace it on your dime. In addition, if you did file the claim and then tried to change insurance companies, you may run into trouble with the history of claims. It’s really not worth messing with.

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So is the claim assigned to the person or property, do you know? As I have another home insured as well.

I believe it’s the person. When they look to insure your properties they will look to see what claims “you” have made. You can’t get in an accident in one car and make your claims history go away if you get a different car.

If you pay for it yourself don’t forget to let your insurance company know you have a brand new roof. USAA wanted to ding me a few years back because their info showed the roof at its lifespan. I had replaced it due to age a couple of years earlier and not thought to let them know. Providing that info saved me some bucks.