What are the best AFFORDABLE shoes for big, heavy people?

Sorry, but finding a pair of such stores that fit properly at a secondhand store is too often a crapshoot.

I’m not necessarily big or heavy, 6’1" 185, but due to blood pressure meds and a sedentary life style, my feet and ankles are badly swollen.

I find tennis shoes are the only ones wide enough for me.

I can tell you what NOT to get – Sketchers.

I bought a pair in late 2022 and during 2023, my knee and hip started acting up. I thought it was old age. Podiatrist said Sketchers are awful–no proper support even though they feel “cushiony”, so I got different shoes and the pain level went down.
I still have some knee/hip issues, but nowhere near as bad as when I wore Sketchers!

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" As a consequence, Skechers can cause ligament and muscle stresses and strains. The memory foam could take on the ‘memory’ of a poor gait style causing destabilising foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain."

Problems caused by wearing Skecher Shoes. Are they a health hazard? - Compleet Feet.

Shoes you wear everyday aren’t something you should try to buy second hand. Your feet are too important. Secondhand shoes may look fine but they may have a lot of miles on them. Runners get new shoes frequently because the padding wears out long before the shoes do.

Someone else broke them in, and that won’t fit well for another.

Yep. I wish I had known before buying Sketchers. 2023 would have been a less-painful year!

I’m not heavy (6’1" - 180lbs) but I have good luck with Brooks running shoes.

Sketchers work just fine for me. But everyone is different, and you need what works for you.

Budget priced shoes (unless on sale) are made with lower quality materials, and lower quality design. I recall reading once about the longevity of a quality pair of shoes vs cheap shoes, and how that affects comparative price…and the quality shoes more than paid for themselves.

You also need to consider the purpose of the shoe: dress/office, sports activity, general purpose around the house/leisure, etc.

I have super wide feet, and New Balance is the only brand where I can consistently find stuff

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I’m not big or heavy either and I don’t have special needs feet, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of shoes that were 100% comfortable, every time, all the time. I really feel bad for people who have foot problems!

Once I went to a small shoe store owned by a husband & wife who were both physical therapists. They watched me walk, said I was pronating due to my flat feet, and recommended moderate stability shoes. I bought a pair of running shoes from them, and ever since have ordered the same make & model (newer years) off eBay. I think it’s worth paying big bucks for good advice, and maybe you can stick with that brand or two the rest of your life.

I’m 6’ 1", 275, spent 15 years in rent to own as all things and even as a store manager was still out delivering and uh… “undelivering” product. it’s cause a lot of wear and tear, oh and I have 4E wide super swamper feet. I’ll 2nd that New Balance is one of the few, Asics Enduro 5000 back in the day was one of my favorites. I have a herniated disc and those two shoes seemed to help my posture stay straighter and I have fewer issues.

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Affordable is always relative. When I was skinny I wore a size 11 narrow shoe. I always had very flat feet. Now that I’m not so skinny I wear a size 12D because I have bunions but still a narrow heel. I also have diabetes along with neuropathy and have bouts of tarsal tunnel. What works for me is Orthofeet partly because they provide all these inserts so you can adjust the fit to what you need. I find they work as well as my prescribed orthotics. I believe it is possible to get them through Medicare if you order through your podiatrist. I have another hack as well. I put a pair in my cart on their website and leave it there. After a few days they invariably offer me a discount.

Are NB shoes slip-in, or laced, or they come both ways?

I just get the laced ones, I’m not sure if they make a Skechers style slip on/in

Thanks…that’s what I need

I absolutely agree, their widths are great.

I wish I had not bought their “slip-ons, slip-ins”, way too loose, like walking in oversized slippers.

Precisely why I dislike them. Tried on a pair at a shoe store, walked ten feet and back, and said, “No thanks. Not for me.”