Podiatrist suggested custom orthotic shoe inserts for arthritic toes

My Podiatrist (MD) suggested $750 custom shoe inserts to address an arthritic toe which is causing walking and running pain. Note, the custom shoe inserts last 10 years vs my Dr Scholls which last 3 to 4 months and don’t address my specific walking issues.

Make sure you get insurance pre-authorization before you order… but I love my orthotics. They are a real life-enhancer.

In the DFW area I found that Dr Eisenberg podiatrist https://www.carrolltonfootdoctor.com/ charges $400 vs. another local podiatrist $750 just for the shoe inserts (orthotics).

I had my orthotics checked out by my kaiser podiatrist because my feet were bothering me for a short period. These were over 20 years old and the Dr. said they were fine. Since Kaiser doesn’t cover orthotics she told me where to go and how much they charge if I want new ones and it seems like it was close to $400 , $750 would be a little high.