Recommendations for a bagged vacuum

My Hoover Windtunnel is close to giving up the ghost. Seems like there are fewer and fewer bagged vacuum cleaners available, and none of Hoover’s current bagged vacuums have all the features mine has. Specifically self-propel motion, ability to turn off the brush roller on hard floors, a sensor that detects dirt remaining. A lot of these seem to be included on bagless vacuums, but I have significant asthma, so bagless would be a big issue. So, looking at alternative brands. Any suggestions?

I’d recommend going to a vacuum store that sells and repairs vacuums, if there is one near you. We did that when we were last shopping for a vacuum, and ended up buying a brand we’d never heard of before (Riccar). The people who ran the store knew a lot about lots of different brands. We picked it because they claimed the brand was reliable (8 or 9 years ago, so they seem to be right) and made in the USA. I don’t think that you’ll get that kind of information online.

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I bought a Riccar model 1950 in 1992. Other than belts, bags and one power cord we still use it today.

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A few months ago my Hoover Windtunnel also needed to be replaced. Bagged vacuum brands that were recommended on several sites included Miele and Riccar. Note that those vaccum brands are more expensive. As @rathbert2k suggested, I also went to a vacuum store that sells and repairs vaccums. The vacuum store individual was very knowledgeable. But … I am older and ended up getting a lighter bagless.

We have a Simplicity 7350. I think we got it over 20 years ago. Is used weekly and only needs the bag replaced when it fills up. No issues otherwise really other than the belt tends to come off the roller sometimes ( slight nuisance to remedy but got in the hang of how to fix it when it happened). A quick internet check gave me some general info about the 7 series vacuums:

Simplicity 7 Series (

Lol, a website about vacuums and the people who love them!

Anyway, many good used choices out there. Motor durability would be a very important decider if I was getting another vacuum.

I think the vacuum was $500 (!!!) when we bought it new. If we bought a Walmart budget model, wonder how long it would have held up.

EDIT: Just noticed in that thread someone posted about their Riccar.

EDIT#2 : Just found out that apparently Riccar and Simplicity are made by the same Missouri company.

Our Windtunnel was just about to give out so we bought a Kenmore BU4050 Intuition Bagged Upright Vacuum. $200. So far so good. I do not think it is self propelled though.

I second the vote on going to a sew-vac store! If you invest in a quality vacuum, you will want it to be maintained and serviced.

Years ago I purchased a Simplicity Synergy vacuum from a local sew-vac store. Excellent vacuum, and the store has given excellent service to maintain the vacuum.
I searched the Simplicity site online and the Synergy models are not listed. I eventually found that these are available in-store only!

Here’s a model similar to what I purchased, from my local sew-vac store:
Synergy Premium S40P – Mister Sew-Vac (
Heads up – it’s not cheap. But I considered it an investment.
It has all of the features you described (though it was pricey, and made in the USA). Mine is still working after 15+ years.

My sew-vac store doesn’t like Dysons or Bissells at all !!

I have been using Hoover Windtunnel Vacuums for decades and currently own three. I see a new Hoover Windtunnel bagged vacuum on EBAY for $199.99 with free shipping. Go to E-Bay and search “bagged upright vacuum”. There are “preowned” and “refurbished” models, but I’d go with the new one. I shop EBAY regularly, and have never been disappointed. I would encourage you to read about the item and send a note to the seller if you have any questions. Best to you!

Thank y’all for the suggestion to go to a vacuum cleaner store. I went today and purchased a Sebo. Made in Germany. Top of the line Riccars are made in the US, but the affordable models are made in China.

I spent more than I wanted to, but hopefully this will last the rest of my life.


Me neither,

Take it in for maintenance, to protect your investment!!

Well, I will when it’s warranted, lol. At this point I’ve vacuumed part of a room. :joy:

I have been using Hoover Windtunnel Vacuums for decades and currently own three. I see a Hoover Windtunnel Vacuum on E-Bay for $199.00 with free shipping. Go to E-Bay and search "bagged upright vacuum

I don’t use ebay to purchase new products. Only for things such as patterns of china or crystal that are no longer manufactured, vintage/antique items, etc.

I did find a new, German made vacuum that meets my needs and wants.