Trying to buy a shop vac

Not a huge deal but I want to buy a shop vac for residential basement use with a cement floor.

Initially, I need it to clean up where there is a lot of construction dust, including from drilling into concrete. After that, it will be just normal basement vacuuming so I don’t need anything too upscale.

I just looked Home Depot website and the prices and styles are all over the place - both plug in and rechargeable. I want one with wheels for ease of use.

Anybody have any thoughts on what they would recommend and where to buy it?

Thank you and Happy New Year.

I wouldn’t buy a rechargeable. You likely won’t use it very often and batteries drain over time. Then when you need it you may have to let it charge before you can use it.

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Many different options. It just depends on what you want, accessories, HP, size, etc. I typically order from Amazon and have purchased 2 shop Vacs and been happy with both. I like to look for something with a long cord and long hose and an assortment of attachments. : shop vac

Thanks for both responses - appreciated.

I clicked on the website and there are bunch of them - would you kindly share which one you bought? TY

I have a plug in shop vac with wheels. ~5 gallons? Works okay. Better for construction cleanup than routine maintenance. There are ones that use rechargeable batteries that would be better for routine maintenance. Main questions to ask yourself include how frequently you’ll be cleaning, and the amount of detail you want the cleaning standard to meet.

I have not purchased one in a few years but have always had good results with ShopVac. You just have to choose one that meets your needs, browse around and read the reviews, look at the details and specs and pick one that is within your budget.

I bought a Craftsman “shop vac” at my local ACE hardware. It’s a smaller one and works for me.

I have two, a 3-gal ShopVac and a 8-gal DeWalt that I bought at Costco on sale. We keep the little one set up for wet jobs and the big one for dry cleanups. For inside carpet spills and cleaning up the garage, they are indispensable.

For defrosting freezers, I find the combination of using one for blowing hot air and the other for vacuuming up frost, melt water and ice very useful. I can completely defrost and dry out a 21-ft upright freezer in less than thirty minutes,with very little mess and water on the floor.

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Thank everyone for the useful info - appreciated

Happy New Year.

Home Depot has them on sale frequently for $99 and they work fine.

If you use it in places with electrical outlets I see no need to go rechargeable. Most have wheels.

A thought- If you clean steps as I do, you might look for one small enough so it fits on a step without falling off.

A useful accessory for stairs and cars is a hose extension.

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Thanks for that. I plan to buy it!