Best Phone Plan for One Line

Which cell phone service provider do you use for your single-line account? Let us know which plan is your favorite!

My main phone is on US Mobile (Verizon – but they have a T-Mobile service too). $10/month.

My second/emergency phone is on Tello (T-Mobile) $6/month – can roll over unused minutes/data if you manually renew before the auto-renew.

Both have been good – customer service, phone service.

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Red Pocket annual plan on ATT. Unlimited T&T and 10GB. Purchase it annually around Black Friday from their eBay store. This year it worked out to $16.90 a month including tax. I know many on here can make do with 1GB data but not an option for me.

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I’ve used TracFone for years. Initial sign up is approx $100 for one year service, 1000 minutes talk, 1000 texts,and i think, 1 gb data. Minutes, texts and data never expire if you remain active. Anytime up to the end of a year you can renew by adding minutes, texts or data (lowest is about $10) and then you’re offered an opportunity to add a year’s service for approx $50. If you don’t use the phone much this is great. They are now part of Verizon, i think, so that’s the network you’ll be using.

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Your price does not include any data, unless they’ve changed that recently. When I used it, I was unable to access my voicemail because it directed me to my ATT account [which I used for DSL]. Plus, I had a lot of trouble with new minutes because I do not have a cell signal at home and had to drive to town to activate it.

You said 10 GB then 1 GB. Which is correct? There are cheaper plans with 1 GB.

The plan is 10 GB. What I was trying to say is that many on the forum
appear happy with 1GB, based on posts I’ve read, but 1 GB is
insufficient for me. So, yes, if only 1 GB is needed this plan is overkill.

I use Twigby [Thanks Clark]. I get unlimited everything for 18.85/ month, all in, though only the first 2GB is high speed data for me. They have added Wifi calling and now eSIM since I joined. Twigby uses Verizon lines so, though there is no signal AT my house, there is a strong signal just a mile away. I mainly connect to my wifi at home so 1 GB is sufficient for me. I do notice that my car is a data hog so when I was driving more often, I opted for more data. They offer 2, 5, 10, and 20 GB plans, though you still have reduced speed data at 2 GB if you exceed these limits. My only gripe is that you must use an online chat to contact customer service.


My main phone is on a Google Fi Simply Unlimited Family plan . I have a second line for work which I rarely use that uses Boost’s prepaid 1GB plan. If I were expecting to be out more frequently, I may have gone with the 5GB plan. The reason I chose Boost, though, is it operates on a different cellular network than Fi so that also lets it serve as backup coverage if the other network coverage is spotty. If I were using only one plan and were economizing, I would probably go with Tello or Mint’s 5GB instead because T-Mobile’s coverage is better than AT&T where I am most of the time and 1GB is not enough for me some months.

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You’re absolutely correct on adding minutes without a cell signal. But they do have base plans with data minutes. However, I could be wrong on initial price, as I started long before TracFone made data available, and I just bought data to add to my existing plan. $10 for the initial amount, don’t remember whether it was 1gb or 10 GB for $10. TracFone is only for those who don’t use much t/t or data, but if that fits your use, the unlimited carryover means you get service for $5/month paid annually. If you need more, there seem to be better plans elsewhere.

Slightly OT but I have a single line with Google Fi as my main number and pay $25/mo with no data but I keep it because it works great abroad for accessing my txts.

I use e-sims with cheaper data so I don’t really need that part from Fi.

What plan can I use to keep my US number for cheap and still access texts while abroad?

Some have said to use Google Voice but that doesn’t seem to have been updated in years and I wouldn’t be surprised if Google kills it.

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Visible. Also just signed up for the annual plan of Visible Plus which works out to less per month than the regular Visible monthly plus watch-data add on that I was paying.

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January 2015, per Clark’s recommendation, I switched to Republic Wireless (RW) from Verizon (since 1993) and was thrilled with the affordability (saved over $65/month). But then in 2018, Clark highlighted Visible. Thus, mid-2019, I switched to Visible and I’m so glad I did. Although I initially only used data connected to WiFi with RW (it only provided 1GB), I soon found how wonderful it was to watch videos while out and about, especially NFL replays, without waiting to find open WiFi to use, and have averaged over 1700GB/month now on Visibile’s $25/month plan, with no throttling thus far.

I like that it’s back on Verizon’s network, too, cuz in my opinion and use, they truly have the best coverage, my roommate’s T’Mobile is constantly an issue for them.
I’ve recently signed up for the ‘pay a year upfront’ to save $25 (essentially I get 12 months for the cost of 11) and altho Clark says that Visible+ is the better deal to do the ‘pay for a year upfront’, I agree, if i’d use/need any of the benefits of Visible+, of which there are many, but I don’t. So i’ll enjoy paying $275/year (taxes and fees included).
Always appreciate Clark’s assistance in pointing out these great deals and a way to discuss/share experiences with them like this! cheers

It has been many years since Clark got me started on this odessy, with a whale of a deal (for the time) year of service on Virgin Mobile, with a horrible phone. Been thru a few of them over the years so we will fast forward.

Had Cricket for a while and it seemed that AT&T coverage kind of sucked, so I moved to Xfinity as I have Commie Cast service. Managed to get it up without revealing my socialist number. It provided all you can eat except only 1 gb of data for $15/mo as I recall. Turned out that 1 gb was a bit light for me and I had to work to keep it under (by using wifi) lest I get charged another $15 for a little overage.

From there I moved to Mint Mobile, now a T-mobile brand, with 5 gb for $15/mo. Only here 15 ain’t 15. Got junk charges making it closer to 20, presuming you pay for a year in advance. Other than the price jacking, I like it.

Also took a Boost basic, providing I think 2 GB for $10/mo plus tax. I keep that one in the car to supply music and maybe tether and for those times that wife forgets to take her phone. :slight_smile:

My carrier of choice is Tello. Plans start at $5/month, and you can customize your plan to fit your needs. My custom plan has 2 GB of data, 300 minutes of talk, and unlimited texts for $8/month.

I was part of Republic Wireless, now transitioned to Boost Infinite, and I have to say that the fully unlimited $25/mo plan has been just fine for me. They have all of those members on the AT&T backbone, so keep that in mind. If people want to upgrade to America’s Smart Network - Smart Switching between 3 wireless networks for $50/mo. I haven’t tried the latter, but it’s INTRIGUING to me.

I don’t know why anybody who doesn’t live on their phone uses anything but Tracfone bought through HSN or QVC.


Yes, Twigby all the way. They have only raised my monthly rate only a dollar or so over the years. Wish I could say that for my cable bill. And my only GRIPE is being forced to use chat to talk with customer service.

I use Google Voice for overseas and they update it regularly. No guarantee they won’t drop it in the future, but itvworks fine so far.

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oh that’s great to know about Google Voice, thank you. perhaps I’ll port my Fi number to GV and save $25/mo