Are You a YouTube TV Subscriber?

No Geezer I made the rendition myself, using only the score and my own instrument. They hit me with a totally uncalled for frivolous claim, which evil Youtube supported and allowed to stand for a full month before the jackass claimant ignored my protest of Public Domain.

I’m not Geezer, I’m H200h, … who is “They” in “they hit me with”… ??

Oh sorry about that…

They is some unknown entity within the space of evil Youtube. I have seen others, like BMI, but this one did not say. I am thinking it might be youtube itself, considering how fast the notice appeared. That is virtually instantly after uploading the video.

That’s OK we have a better way. It is called Rumble.

Hello. I am Ilko. I am using YouTube TV since 2019 ( I had before Hulu live and switch to my current streaming). I love and I am very happy with YouTube TV (YTTV) for all of the reasons listed in this article. I also agree with the cons and the price increased from $35 to $65 now. Great is that you can rearrange the channels according to your preference of watching or in alphabetical order. I personally do not see 100+ channels, but who is the one watching all of those available? I would like to ask Clark and the community: why today (I may know the possible answer) everything is + behind the streamers? Also, can we have one name as Streamers and all others be listed under this big umbrella, and customers paying one cost can switch between them without paying extra, for shows or movies NOT available in your subscription? I enjoy reading your posts every day and I will continue reading and getting more info I did not have/know before. Happy Marry Christmas to you and your family.

I am looking for a streaming service but my dilemma is a little out if the norm. I have a son in the military who doesn’t have a tv where he is currently stationed so he streams on his phone. We tried Hulu but we had to pick one device to stream from. Is that something inhave to worry about with YouTube?

I totally agree with those who were charged almost before the “free trial started” I was disgusted with their business practices. Fortunately PayPal is the best and they refunded my money right away. It was difficult to cancel a service that technically had not started paid service, but I found a way to cancel. You’ll never get YouTube TV on the phone. Of course their greed has no limits. They charged me monthly again for a service I had refunded AND cancelled. Fortunately the card had changed because of an unrelated situation so they could not get my money

NOW, I hear these greedy &x; beat out Amazon for Sunday Ticket with NFL. Argh, time to watch cricket.

I gave them my PayPal info. PayPal refunded my money the same day.

For those of you who had issues with YouTubeTV how do you feel about them having NFL Sunday Ticket for 2023?(

In an article on 1/23/23 Clark confirmed YouTubeTV as his preferred streaming service. Just this weekend, YTtv started adding non-fast-forwardable ads to all DVR recordings. Every recording I have banked now has these forced ads in them. This was done - no notice or alternatives given. Is it still a preferred service? Does anyone know a way around forced commercials?

We have YouTube, and our experience has been that with just the standard account its possible for up to 3 users to stream at the same time, and from 3 different locations. It’s been that way for the 6 or 7 years we’ve subscribed.

It’s clearly a YouTube conspiracy. I have a secret way of getting around them, but if I told you, I’d have to _ _ _ _ you. :innocent:

Love YouTubeTV but hate that they don’t carry Ballys Sports Southeast in order to watch the Atlanta Braves

Bally Sports is going bankrupt so maybe they will get sold to someone and get the old regional Fox sports back on the air…

I did like their multi-screen solution for March Madness. I hope they carry forward and expand that enhancement into the fall.

YouTube TV works great for me. However the problem I’m having is with payment. The first month they took the payment out twice. This month when I try to access YouTube TV my device says I need to update my payment method. I checked and they had already withdrawn the monthly payment. I can’t find a customer service or anyone to talk to.

Hi all, I am new to this forum and am interested in feedback from more experienced users. I am in the free trial for YouTube TV and have some questions that I’m hoping can be answered by this community. First, I’ve changed the Live Guide on my computer to a custom version but for some reason, it doesn’t show these edits on my AppleTV. I see channels I don’t want and don’t see other channels I did want in the guide. Have others seen this issue?

Secondly, in the Live Guide window, the programming info changes without any action by me to show later in the day shows. I have to manually scroll back to see current programming info. Why would this happen?

Third, when launching any programming that is in HD, the default resolution is always 480p rather than 1080p. I can manually change that to the best resolution but don’t understand why it’s not the best quality when I change to another program. Anyone know why this is?

Is there a way to toggle between two channels?

So far, these are minor annoyances but I would appreciate hearing any thoughts/answers from others before I commit to YouTube TV.


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I have youtubetv it’s been great but all of sudden it not settling up the right local channels for my area i have my zip code in its telling i’m in one tv market which is Huntsville al but its got me Chattanooga channels i live in al not Tn both mobile and home computer

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After many years of unsatisfactory service from our satellite provider we made the switch to You Tube TV earlier this year. At first we were very happy with the switch, however it was only a few weeks later the shows I had scheduled to record had locks on them. Then I noticed that I had lost all Atlanta stations and although my home address was listed with google in Georgia the system kept insisting that I was in the Birmingham viewing area. You Tube TV’s fix was for me to download their app to my iPhone and sync my tv with my iPhone. The problem is that I have been sent back to Birmingham every couple of weeks or so. This has caused me to miss recording shows I very much wanted (GA Bulldogs game) as You Tube TV says I am not in the Atlanta viewing area. Needless to say this is extremely annoying as I am constantly having to check my scheduled shows for locks. If I am traveling I miss my shows as I am not home to sync with my TV. The problem seems to be that You Tube TV is looking at my IP address which is a dynamic IP address used by Windstream. I have begged Windstream to give me a static IP address to no avail.

You may have the same Issue I have in that You Tube TV periodically looks at your IP address and if your internet provider is using a “dynamic” address which is outside your physical location You Tube TV will arbitrarily move your location to that address.

I was loving my YouTube TV for about 3 months when suddenly…nothing! When I open it on my tv it only allows me to browse or sign up. Needless to say, there is NO way to contact them so I’m hoping someone here will be able to give me some ideas on what I can do. Should I cancel my subscription with them and start over? In the meantime, I haven’t had anything except streaming service (Hulu, Netflix, Prime). No local channels. No live TV. HELP? Oh, I guess I should mention that they’re still taking payments from me.