Anyone use Plex TV?

I wanted to watch a movie that’s not on anything I could find, so using Comcast, I used Voice and said the movie. After a long and confusing screen changes, it finally offered Plex TV. I clicked on Plex and even more confusing screens.

My movie began and it was fine, but commercials flash on, go black, another commercial that begins and stops midway, flash another one bing, bang, back to the movie. It’s annoying, but free, so okay.

Biggest complaint is no closed caption. I’m hard of hearing so this a big issue.

Any comments on Plex TV?

When I first set up my home entertainment system about ten years ago, PLEX was a programming interface that ran on MS Windows. It acted as a user tool that presented various streaming and DVR options. I thought at the time it was too klutzy ans redundant to use so I decided to shelve it.

I ended up with a miniature Windows computer, HD Homrun 2-channel tuner, PlayOn and NAS-based DVR software from SiliconDust.

My system sounds complicated, but once it’s set up, it’s pretty simple to use and the latest smart TV’s will run the SiliconDust/NAS DVR seamlessly as well.

I watched “Earth: Final Conflict” through S2:E10 on Plex. It is on a ROKU TV and worked fine. Now that I remember it, I think I’ll go back for more.

Earth: Final Conflict is also available on Freevee and Tubi for free according to