Will You Take Advantage of This Limited-Time ‘Summer of Peacock’ Deal?

If you’ve been thinking about adding Peacock to your streaming collection, this may be the right time to do it - at less than $2 a month. Share your thoughts and experience with Peacock!

On top of the special offer you also get $6 back if you are a Rakuten user. That makes it about $1.16 a month for the year. At that price it’s hard to pass up.

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I had Peacock, then disconnected for awhile. When they offered a year at 0.99/month, I couldn’t pass it up so I re-enrolled. They just posted the first half of season 5 of Yellowstone, but other than that [and not being a movie-watcher], I don’t see many shows you can’t watch for free at individual websites like NBC, though NBC and others post episodes late and lock them after 3 or so current episodes. If you like old series, though, you can binge watch on Peacock. At least for me, having to click on my profile pic every time I login [when I’m the only watcher here] and having to turn the volume up on the annoying little scroll at the top right of the screen every time I login [in addition to the volume on my computer] is a hassle. Further, though they offer 1 NFL game a week Sundays during the season, many times I miss it due to a mess-up in time zones and airtimes. They must be based in the EST zone and I’m in the PST zone, so sometimes I tune in just to see the last 2 minutes of the game, or worse the last 2 minutes then the entire game minus the last 2 minutes.

That said, Peacock plays on my Chromebook. Hulu won’t even play on my Chromebook as it is an unsupported format. (Neither Peacock nor Hulu will play on a private browser bc they can’t air their ads.)