When to buy TV from Costco?

I’m shopping for a large, second TV for our home. It seems like Costco is a good place to get one. (Does anyone recommend another store over Costco?) Is there a “best” time to snatch a deal on one? The last TV I bought was 14 years ago, and I plan to keep it a long time. I generally gravitate towards new, or nearly new, technology. Any recommendations to get the most bang for my buck?

I bought an LG OLED ThinQ C series 55" from Costco for about $1,200 in February. It came with an extra 3 years of warranty and free delivery to the room you want it in.

I feel the assurance of easy returns and the free delivery is worth a few bucks. I have two of the LG OLED Thin-Qs they’re a great TV and the sound of this last one is improved over the model I got a couple of years back. Both have Dolby sound and picture. and the new one has an AI scheme that personalizes your video as you use it.

I bought 3 Vizio TVs from Costco… usually around Thanksgiving or on sale. All are great. Costco has a 65 inch Vizio on sale now for $600. Go to Costco.com

I do not know much about QLED… just that I like my 47 in Vizio.

I would be more concerned about the sound.
I had a Samsung that I returned because of the sound.
The problem is that with the thinness of the TVs, the speakers are very limited. That is why so many add a soundbar.

Next time you get the chance to compare side-by-side compare the new screen technologies with the older LED screens. There’s a significant difference with the newer OLED, QLED, etc.

The sound technology has come a long way as well. The latest OLED LG I bought replaced a Vizio with A Yamaha sound bar. I chucked the sound bar and used the LG built-in speakers because they had better sound and more volume. There’s even the ability to tune the LG speakers with the room you put it in and how you mount the TV (wall or stand).

I don’t worry so much about the video tech and for sure not about the size. Largest one here is like 42", but then I have a smaller house with no huge rooms. Last TV I bought from costco went right back. You see my focus is on streaming sources. That one was so-called “smart” and did have some of the more popular sources, but not what I wanted. I look for built in Roku which gives ability to add things like KlowdTV. I do have a Roku device added to an older TV, but that entails a separate clicker. Having it built in makes it easier.

I was involved in creating and producing a lot of video in my real estate days and I became pretty selective when it came to choosing a home TV. Based on authentic color rendering, especially blacks and shading, I stuck with plasma until OLED came along.

The current crop of OLED TV’s are as good as top-notch studio-quality monitors. Once I got used to them it was hard to accept less. The latest Dolby sound systems are also hard to resist.

Thanks everyone for the great advice! Very helpful.

I just bought a 55" Hisense Tv from Costco for my upstairs “ManCave” for $299. Works perfectly and the picture quality is as good as the Samsung we have for our den, best part Costco covers it for 2 years.

@sbro4630 Not specific to Costco, but Clark Deals has discovered the best times to buy TVs in general are:

  1. November (Black Friday)
  2. January/February (Super Bowl)
  3. July

The 3rd best time to buy is coming up!

When I looked at the price of computer monitors and size, I opted to make a TV my monitor.

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