What was the best deal you found on Black Friday weekend this year?

Did you find any great deals? Let us know!

I took advantage of the great HULU sale ($0.98/month for a year), which is through, I believe, tomorrow - thx to the recommendation on this site.

Just a question, I didn’t see anything on that about about live TV which I was particularly interested to access SNY (not on my cable) to access a favorite sports team. Can I assume that live was not part of the package?

Thanks again for the recommendation.

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I just bought a soft plush toy lion at Ikea and chose another one of equal value for free. Deal good for rest of today I believe

Yes! I found a really great deal! It was so good, but cost very little. Anyone can afford to pay for this! It caused almost no frustration or stress from fighting traffic and other shoppers! It allowed me to spend a day with family and keep my cool, all at the same time. You guessed it. I stayed home. I did not buy any other stuff to clutter up my life. I did not max out my credit card for mostly useless junk! It was a great deal all around!


Best Buy, OnePlus Nord 30 smartphone. 128 GB storage, 5g ready, $149.99.

Amazon Buy 3 get 1 free book sale. Plus Amazon dropped the value to $50 on 30 chapter books set original value about $100. It ended up being $2 per book.

Hulu + Live TV is a different thing, and much more expensive.

On Black Friday, I found an HP 15.6 Chromebook with 8 gigs of memory for 199.99 at Best Buy. The same computer was listed on Amazon for $339.00. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know why I’m still a Prime customer.

Walmart had a sale on Goodyear tires. I bought 4 and saved $120.

Samsung 55in TU690T 4K UHD TV $298 at Walmart.

Joe, you are a Prime customer simply because if you try to cancel Prime, you will find that Amazon will keep billing you for the monthly fee, even through your account shows that you are no longer a Prime member. They did that to me, and the only way I finally got the monthly $16 charge removed from my credit card was to cancel the card, then to cancel my Amazon account. Now I am finally free!