Buy new TV this week

Not sure where I got this some time back. [maybe here?]

But apparently, some people buy a big new TV to watch the SuperBowl, then return it a few days later, within the return policy date.

Great ‘open box’ TV’s go on sale at BestBuy, perhaps other places also, but this focused on BB. So, in the days following SB there are big bargains on barely used TV’s.

I guess that’s a bit smart, but a bit smarmy too. I suppose the rest of the story is they buy the open box deal back a day or so later at 30% off unless BB puts some type of lock on that type of action.

What I read was about other people getting a great deal.

People have done the same with Christmas/holiday items. They purchase decorations, trees, pajamas for photos, etc. Then return them after Christmas. Of course they can’t be put back on the sales floor, so they go to salvage.
Also real estate people do this to show a home.

I wish stores would tighten up some policies on such purchases. I noticed this past December that Lowes had a return deadline of Dec 24 on holiday items. I think that’s fair, and it will stop the abuse.

I want to agree, but Dec. 24 seems a bit brutal considering the date of Christmas.

I don’t know – if you’re buying a Christmas tree/lights/decorations, why should they be returned after the holiday?!? If it’s not what you wanted, return it before the holiday!
I’ve just seen too much abuse of return policies, first-hand!

I know someone who abused the Wal-Mart return policy on car batteries. It used to be you could return a battery within a year for any reason. So my “friend” would bring it in at 11 1/2 months and said: “It went bad”. Got away with it a few times, then the local manager shut it down. The manager got a battery tester and would say: “It’s still good, you can’t return it”.

Yep. And that’s why LLBean doesn’t have its lifetime guarantee anymore. People would buy their kids a new backpack and lunchbag, then return them each year for a new one. Same with clothes.
Of course customers who abuse return policies is part of the problem, but I think better return policies are needed, too.

I worked at a clothing store and customers would purchase holiday dresses, then bring them back after New Year’s smelling of cigarettes, perfume, sweat, etc…obviously used. I think stores have the right to refuse returns, but I think that they don’t want a bad online review!! Plus, the poor retail worker has to battle with such unreasonable customers.
As in most things, the few ruin it for the many!!

That applies to almost everything in our lives…!

I don’t think it was LLBean, but we bought our son a premium brand backpack (I think from REI) with a lifetime guarantee. After two or three years, there was some wear and tear and broken zippers. We took it back, and they sent it in for repairs. During the month or six weeksish that they had it, the backpack sent our son a couple of postcards “from Summer Camp,” detailing the repair activity as various fun and games… When the backpack returned from camp, it was obviously still the same backpack, but was in perfect condition.

I do wish Americans would get back to repairing/re-using things instead of just throwing them out in the trash !