Is It Cheesy to Take Back Shoes Next Day?

I have to go to a wedding today.

My dress shoes are worn out so I went over to Wal Mart and picked up a pair (28.00) was wondering if I don’t scuff them up if it would be wrong to return them tomorrow ?

On the surface it feels wrong.

Thoughts ?

Since you’re asking this question, you obviously know the answer.

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If you are willing to tell the truth about what you did when you return them, and Walmart accepts your reason for returning them, it’s not a problem.

If you have to tell a lie… then it’s a case of fraud.

I don’t agree. Walmart will have to either sell these shoes at a discount or chuck them. So the loss will be passed on to other customers.

Many people buy clothes for one use ( ask any bridesmaid). What if everyone did this?

It’s Walmart’s decision. What they do to cover that decision is how they run their business. They may decide to take them back to build a customer’s good will.

Do you think it best for the OP to misrepresent the reason for returning the shoes?

Sorry, but if you are buying them with the pre-determined intention to return them the next day…that is wrong.


No. I thought it was obvious that I was saying he shouldn’t return them.

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It is wrong! Doing this is one of the reasons prices are going through the roof.


I have decided to not return them as it would be wrong, I just wouldn’t have felt right about it.

GREAT JOB! Always let your conscience be your guide then you will never have to live with guilt, the “ accuser.”

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Years ago Wal-mart would let you return anything. I have a very “red-necky” friend who would buy some large batteries for his boat. Just before the 1 year time limit he would return them: “They don’t hold a charge” and WM would give him new batteries.

Finally they changed their policy and won’t let him do that anymore.

Walmart intention is not to rent shoes. As a business owner, I am boiling

Unfortunately there are many people who do not give a damn about anything or anyone unless they benefit from it. I would not be surprised if Perpatriddle wound up taking the shoes back even after saying they would not.

I was incorrect. You are not renting the shoes, you are using them for free
Turn this around, pretend you are the shoe store owner and everyone took advantage of return policy

Nope, didn’t take them back.

In that case I apologize to you for thinking otherwise.