Costco and mattressess

I am in the market for a new Queen mattress. My impression is that Costco is the way to go. (I don’t believe that they take the old one but that is not an issue for me).

It is confusing with different brands and styles and prices from $500 to $1500+. There are some new brands such as Casper and Avocado and features such as cooling and then the old names such as Sealy. Does Costco have sales?

I’m a side sleeper and toward medium to firm. Has anybody bought a new mattress recently and arrived at any conclusions about which one to buy and/or a good reference to use as a guide?

Any insights would be appreciated Thanks


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Don’t wait for a sale at Costco. If they have what you want, just get it. I recommend the Purple Mattress myself (not Purple Plus, or Hybrid), but it isn’t sold at Costco. Everyone I know who has tried it (including guests who stay at our house) has liked it. I consider Casper a copycat of Purple.

Full disclosure: I did some work for Purple at my prior job. They didn’t give me a discount on the mattresses. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want them to ask for a discount on my work. I’m still happy with the mattresses (and so are my kids) nearly five years in.

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Thank you for your insights and the link. Free delivery and 100 day trial and priced at $1059. - not bad. Much appreciate and if i can pester you just a little more because I appreciate your insights.

However, here is where it get confusing for me based upon your appreciated comment that you consider Casper a copycat of Purple and my bias toward Costco.

Comfort is first because I sleep on it every day but savings is a factor if they are substantially the same.

at Costco Casper Select 12" Hybrid Medium-Firm Mattress Queen is $ 879.99 ND

Casper Select 12" Memory Foam Medium-Firm Mattress is $749.99

Any additional thoughts if either of the above match your purple


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I don’t think they’re substantially the same. Purple has some patented stuff that Casper and others just can’t do. I meant that I viewed Casper as a copycat in the “mattresses ordered online and shipped direct to you” space, which didn’t really exist ten years ago. Casper got a bunch of VC funding, but basically uses the same mattress technology as everyone else has been using for years. Memory foam as mattress material has some problems like breathability. But people think memory foam is great, and so even Purple added it to some of theirs (which I why I recommend the original). Watch the Goldilocks Purple commercials on Youtube for an explanation of how Purple is different. This may be the original, but there are others:

I do like Costco, and consider most anything there a good option. I bought my previous mattress there. That was a fine mattress (Sealy, I think) that served us well for 8 years or so. I like the Purple mattress a lot more, though. I wish I was on their payroll, because I’ve probably sold 20-30 Purple mattresses to family and friends.

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I bought a memory foam years and years ago from a local entrepreneur and it’s the best sleep ever and it was cheap $100 per twin bed. More like a futon but man it’s comfy

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I thought Casper came before Purple. Anyways, what is comfortable to one person is not as much to another.

Best thing is to visit brick and mortor stores and lie on a variety of mattresses and see what feels comfortable.

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I thank everyone for their insights. Much appreciated.

Now off to buying a mattress

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I bought a random brand memory foam mattress 8-10 years ago from Overstock based on description and reviews. It was 11 or 12” thick and cost me all of about $279 for a queen size. My thinking was that at that price if I could tolerate it for 2-3 years it was a reasonable deal. Turned out to be an outstanding mattress and my concern now is that when I decide it needs replaced Overstock no longer carries it. I can’t imagine that any of the current “in” brands could be any better. :blush: