What's the best mattress for 2024?

I’m new here but saw there were some older discussions on mattresses and I’m losing my mind a bit trying to find the right one for me. There seems to have been a lot of changes and new options out there and I’m overwhelmed by dozens of choices. Can someone help!?! I’m looking for something that’s a hybrid with foam and springs. I like the feel of memory foam but don’t want to sink too deep or spend $5,000 on a temperpedic. My wife and I both like something a little firm but still has some plushness. I checked out some options at mattress firm last week and couldn’t decide and also didn’t like the pressure from the sales people and had to leave when they started to pitch their credit card…Would really appreciate any insight.

It’s also frustrating to see “reviews” on You Tube from influencers who get a free mattress. Basically an unboxing and they repeat the talking points for that mattress. Skip those reviews.

One issue to consider — are you a “hot” sleeper? Memory foam will retain/reflect heat.

I purchased a Caspar mattress in 2018, and I knew it was memory foam, but I was always a freezing cold sleeper – pile on the blankets! But now, I sleep hotter, and the memory foam is too warm for me. I’ve tried cooler pads, bamboo sheets, etc., and they help a little bit, but nothing can overcome the memory foam!

Here’s a review website of mattresses that was helpful when I was looking - I hope it’s up-to-date now:
Sleep Like The Dead : Independent and Unbiased Sleep Product Reviews – Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows, Bedding and More

Five years ago I bought a “bed in a box” from Amazon. King mattress and frame for under $500. Memory foam mattress and it is as comfortable today as it was when I bought it.

Having struggled with degenerative disc disease for 7+ years, I have to recommend the Helix midnight luxe mattress. We’ve had it for almost 2 years now and it’s been a lifesaver for me. The way it contours to my body while providing excellent support has significantly reduced my back pain. I wake up feeling more rested and with less discomfort than ever before. If you’re looking for a mattress that combines comfort and spinal support, especially if you have similar health challenges, this is definitely worth considering. My husband and I sleep like babies, even in our late 60s! Good luck with your search.

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Thanks so much I’ll definitely check Helix out!

Couldn’t agree more. The world of mattresses is so different, even from just 5-10 years ago. I guess the tried and true innerspring beds are a thing of the past! I find myself to be in the same boat as you where I like something on the firmer side that is supportive with just the right amount of softness on top. Since I get back pain sometimes, support and pressure relief are crucial or else I’ll pay for it the next day! When I did my research a few years back, I looked at just about every article on mattresses that I could find. I landed on a Sealy (can’t remember the exact name) or Bear mattress and ultimately landed on Bear since the reviews were promising. I’ve been sleeping on the Elite Hybrid for a few years now and have no regrets since it checks all my boxes. Check it out if you’re still on the hunt. Good luck and hopefully you find this helpful!

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Thanks so much will check it out!

I’m too nervous buying a mattress from Amazon. Who knows where they made the thing and what’s in it. Really trying to find something made in the USA since I’m literally putting my body on it every night.

To each their own. I’ve been happy for 5 years and have suffered no ill health or hacks

Is Mainstays a good brand as far as mattress-in-a-box stuff is concerned? How about Slumber 1 by Zinus?

Is Mainstays a good box-spring brand? How about Zinus?