Washington Examiner: "Consumers switch to dollar stores as inflationary pressure worsens"

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I am not a big fan of government… but I think products should come in standard sizes for ease of comparrison.

Small items could come in 1,2,4,8 oz sizes.
Larger like coffee in 8, 16 and 32 oz sizes
Liquid soap in maybe 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 oz sizes.

I do not think Government is qualified to dictate sizes but I think Government could order the Suppliers to settle on standard sizes among themselves with a limit of 5 sizes for a category each size being an easily calculated multiple of a lower size.

This would make price comparison easier and recipes standard.

I remember a story long ago titled “Fido put on short rations”.
This was when a dog food reduced the can size from like 16oz to 13 oz.

I just don’t know why we still don’t use metric. American Exceptionalism, right? Then you can do the same in 50 g increments. I’d hate to be that person with only 8 fingers. Machine shop accident?

Do you know why stocks used to be quoted in 1/8 instead of decimal dollars and cents? It harkens back to the days of Spanish “pieces of eight” a gold piece that was scored for division into eighths.

Enough of this medieval crap. Metric!

Who cares how we measure things except for precision parts.

Remember when Liquor came in half gallon jugs?
Then it went metric… and it became 1.75 Liter jugs not 2 liter.
Do the math it was a price increase. That showed a lot about the perils of conversion

My wife has always used Dollar Store for stuff like toothpaste, paper clips, etc.

The only complaint I’ve had is that there appears to be a lot of excess air in my Colgate toothpaste tube from those stores.

I think a lot of the name-brand stuff they sell has minor defects that disqualify tem for the regular retail outlets.

I don’t care whether there are standard sizes, except for toiletries that one would tend to pack in carry on luggage. But i do like to see price comparisons between different sizes; the larger package is not always less expensive per unit. But sometimes the unit comparisons are not equal. For example, cost per oz vs cost per quart. I can do the math, but do I really want to take that extra step, when if they were all in the same unit per product type to begin with, I wouldn’t need to take that step.

Faux news will have some guy on who ill claim that if we go metric we will have to driver further to work, buy more gas to get there and that metric is a communist conspiracy.

At the risk of going off-topic, our Dollar Tree has pretty much gone 1.25Dollar Tree in response to inflation. I realize that a lot of their goods had razor-thin profit margins even before inflation, but is it reasonable that most of their products have increased 25% in a time of 9% inflation. I know, some products’ prices have increased more than 9% and perhaps wages 5% too, but across the board increases of 25% seem bit excessive.

That being said, they still have some items that appeal to us at a reasonable price. A big bag of cable ties at $1.25 is a great price for my go-to replacement for duct tape.

Biden might like that.
The Gas price signs would go from $5.00 to $3.12. still high but better.

What I have liked about keeping miles is the easy calculation of Miles to Hours… at an average of 60 mph.