Shrinkflation ( ice cream example)

Noticed that the formerly half gallon ice cream cartons that switched to 1.75 quarts and then 1.5 quarts ( 48 oz) are now doing 46 oz cartons. In particular, this is Turkey Hill brand. Price is $3.99 per a 46 oz carton.

Now, I remember many decades ago when ice cream was maybe $2 for an actual half gallon, but that was 40-ish years ago. I remember average brand ice cream going for $5 a half gallon 20 years ago in some grocery stores out west. Heck , Ben and Jerry’s was $3 range for the longest time from 1990’s til 2010-ish.

Anyway, shrinkflation does not look good but in this case, ice cream prices cannot go too high as there are alternatives and also there is a dairy glut IMHO. Try getting a lot of money for ice cream and people will consume less.

I remember Friendly’s ice cream being $6/half gallon 10 years ago in New England- sometimes it would be buy one get two free.

When I moved to the MidAtlantic, it was easy to find $3 ice cream. Then I’m thinking in 2015 or so half gallons became three pints. Now that Friendlys ice cream is $5.49 without sales but Wegmans ice cream is $3.50 up from $2.50 last year

Eggs, ice pops, and ice cream, I’ve noticed 40% or greater price increases

On a related note – I’ve noticed “dairy desserts” in the ice cream aisle. They aren’t ice cream, but people think it is. Apparently they’re made of vegetable oils? yikes. I doubt they are healthier than ice cream.

Just like people I know think that almond milk is actually milk…

Years ago I remember “milkshakes” being renamed to “shakes” – because they don’t actually contain milk.

In a few years, ice cream will be one quart cartons. Charge whatever they want. Just say that consumers prefer smaller portions. Like I wrote above, one can easily vote with their wallet on things like this.

The size of ice cream cartons has been reduced over a number of years. And the quality of real ingredient ice cream has also changed. Initially i noticed it improving (20+ years ago), but more recently those real ingredients have gone away, with guar gum and other fake ingredients being added to so-called premium brands.