Coke Products Will Come in a New, Smaller Bottle This Summer

Smaller bottle. What do you want to guess that the price will be the same as the not-smaller bottle?

We already have them in Atlanta 7.5 Ounce cans… you have to be careful if you want “THE REAL THING”.


Politicians would call that a 20% increase…

over the original 6oz bottles.

Coke has had those mini cans for at least a decade. I’ve seen instances where the small cans were priced almost the same as the 12 oz cans, and the 19 oz bottles are often priced less than the 12 oz cans.

I remember in 1989 buying a 32 oz bottle of Coca Cola for $1. The price stayed in that range for decades.

I know the cans were made smaller quite some time ago, now the bottles.