Using Amazon Music

Before we cut the cord, we had Comcast.
Comcast had about 30 Music Channels From 60’s Rock to Easy Listening to RAP To Seasonal.
Now we have Prime with included one device Amazon Music.

So far we have not found “Channels” or “Stations” like Comcast where you can set it and forget it.

We particularly want Easy Listening Instrumentals and Seasonal. I find the words distracting.

Amazon Music has Playlists but they require effort and we would rather not have repeating platlists.

Any Suggestions.

My local public radio broadcasts on 2 channels.
One is said to be all news and current events.

The other is classical music with 5 minutes of NPR news on most hours. On Friday night, Saturday and Sunday there are some other non classical programs, ae: Jazz, Mountain Stage, Free Range Folk, etc. I keep my radio tuned in to the classical broadcast.

They also have a significant on line presence.