Amazon Music Help!

Since cutting the cord, the wife misses the Comcast Music Channels. She liked the easy listening instrumental channel… set it and forget it… you might call it Elevator Music or background music… but Amazon seems more album oriented.

Amazon has stations but I have not found a station comparable to the Comcast Easy Listening.

She has tried Spotify…
Since we pay for Prime and there are no ads, We would like this to work.

Any Amazon music Suggestions???

Although not quite what you are looking for, you can search Youtube for your keywords. There are hour and two hour groups of songs I found right off and some longer.

I have an app that allows me to download Youtube audio and place them on my PC or cellphone. Alternatively they can be listened to on a smart TV through the Youtube App.

You might want to check in the Amazon Music Unlimited app.
Moods & Activities
Focus, Relaxation, and/or Instrumentals

You might want to check out Pandora.

Both youtube and Amazon offer the music of Tim Janis.
Both have the equivalent of a continuous station.
The nature photography that accompanies the music is extremely well done.

Never heard of Tim Janis but the music is instrumental and great.
Here is a sample.

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