USB Charging Station - Warning

I know Clark just said this is a small chance BUT…

This TV station is reporting an FBI Tweet…

And the FBI Denver tweet:

So like Clark says, it could not hurt to use a device you bring or a device that blocks USB data transfer and only allows power. I personally have some USB cables that appear to only charge. When I attach them to the PC they do not show my phone as having a connection, while other cables do.

Here’s a pinout of a USB-C connector, looks like all you need are the red & yellow leads.

Or avoid the whole issue and use a small portable battery charger. You can charge from anywhere, including while in the plane.

Be aware that TSA has limitations on uninstalled lithium batteries:
"Spare (uninstalled) lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, including power banks and cell phone battery charging cases, must be carried in carry-on baggage only.

With airline approval, passengers may also carry up to two spare larger lithium ion batteries (101–160 Wh) or lithium metal batteries (2-8 grams)."

There many small and inexpensive data blocker gadgets that you can attach to the end of any USB cable. Here are some examples from Amazon: : usb data blocker