What converters needed for Chile and Argentina

I see 2 converters listed for each country. do I need to buy both?

We are only going to use to charge our phones.

Chile Type C and Type L

Argentina type C and I.

Thank you

Do new cars (like rentals) still have cigarette lighters? If so, that a charger for that.

Are you staying at a hotel or B&B? They probably have changers left by others, especially if their home country.

Also, most newer TV’s have a USB connector in the back where you can plug in your cable.

I believe there are Walmarts in Chili and Agentina too.

You should be okay with Type C. I do not specifically remember what we used in those 2 countries, but we have used Type C adapter in multiple countries in South America and Europe. We are currently in France where Type C and E adapters are used but we are doing well with the Type C adapter. I believe that the other connectors have a grounding component. Perhaps someone with electrical background can provide more information.

Thanks for your inputs - appreciated.

Good point about the TV USB ports

We also got a converter at Walmart with C.