TracFone Data Losses

On 9/22/22 4:43 PM CST my balance on my phone on my phone was as follows:

GB Data Minutes Remaining Texts Remaining
4.55 10198 30,273

Sunday, September 25, 2022 9:14 PM the balance on the phone is:

GB Data Minutes Remaining Texts Remaining
0 0 0
and the phone was not able to make or receive calls, send texts, or access the internet.

Sunday, September 25, 2022 11:12 PM

As of this date @ 11:56 PM CST my data is as follws:

GB Data Minutes Remaining Texts Remaining

4.38 10000 9999

Note that the restored data is less than what I had before the loss.

TracFone rep aid that this is because this is the largest numbers that they can enter into the system. My large accumulation is due to the fact that I signed up with TracFone when I retired in 2004 and use the phone very little.

TracFone rep also sent me a text advising me that their policy on unlocked cell phones used by prior carries has changed because of program issues on the phones.

In response I wrote them back advising that I purchase the S8 new unlocked from Best Buy in or about 2017 and that it has never been assigned to another carrier.

The phone has performed will until this even.

It is still a fact that my property rights on the balances have been diminished becuase the credits are less that what I had before this event.

Entering the term “TracFone litigation” into a Google search results in numerous responses

Here’s one for example

I am not suggesting any one sign up. This does suggest that there is enough potential for a significant recovery to interest a a large law firm.

If this occurs again I plan to file my own law suit in the Johnson County Small Claims Court where I have neen successful in making recoveries before.

You’ll likely have better results filing a BBB and FCC complaint than going through small claims court. Filing these complaints seems to be the only way to get TracFone to actually do what they should do in the first place. Once they are notified of these complaints, they will likely want to reach an acceptable resolution. TracFone has never been a smooth sailing ship, and with Verizon’s takeover, things have only gotten worse.

Have you tried contacting TracFone corporate? They can sometimes help. From what I know, TracFone can only add a certain amount of minutes/texts/data each day. To get your remaining missing minutes and texts (if you really want them), contact corporate. It may take a few tries/days to get everything back in your buckets.

TracFone corporate: 800.626.4883 ext 3324, or 305.640.2000 ext 1029. Ignore the hours or operation stated, as they are available from like 5AM to 11PM.

You can also get quite good information and help on Howard Forums (Not related to Clark’s forum):

I had the opposite result from you recently with TracFone. With their insistence of getting all current users off of AT&T and T-Mobil, I recently switched from an AT&T to a Verizon SIM. In the process, all my balances doubled.

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I am going to leave it as is for now.

At 83 I will never live long enough to use up what I have left.

Re Small Claims Court I previously sent the a copy of a draft suit as a threat and they immediately folded.

I went to the Johnson County Court Web page and found no cases for TracFone.

I want to the Missouri Court Web page and found three pages of suits listed.

In The Federal Court System through Pacer there are 7 pages or about 350 cases listed.

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Just had another service department issue and took your advice and filed a complaint with the FCC. It was resolved quickly.

From now on I will give them one shot on the phone and if that does not work I will file with both the FCC and small claims court.