Timely article about QR codes

I was JUST about to download a QR reader app when I read Clark’s article that most of them cause spam! Thank you!

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While I agree with some of the points in the article, that does not mean that you should be overly worried. Yes, be careful, but qr-codes are useful.

My non-profit group greets thousands of people each week as they disembark on a day trip. Perhaps 50 will appear at one time ready to explore and gather around our 2 volunteers, Many stop by our booth asking where to buy this or that, how to get to the best beach or how to find one of our members stores. Besides creating an online map, we are implementing QR-codes to information pages about our members locations and what specials they are offering. Thus the visitors can scan a code and be on their way.

Thinking that most QR-codes are direct you to spam is an over statement. Just be careful as the article says.

Thanks! I think they were talking about QR reader app having spam.