A Spam Soultion?

I participate in a number of forums. Of of them has what appears to be no moderation and constant spam about CBD and other products. The spammers create new names and post in the hopes the messages get into Google, thus getting free advertising.

Yes, I know there SHOULD be moderators, but there are not as that company is being sold. The new owners will definitely moderate the forum, but as I say some forums don’t do that.

Since member users can’t delete the messages, I wonder if replying to the messages would help. Things like “My Sister tried your product and is now in the hospital”. That too would get into Google. The only problem is that the original company could theoretically come back and sue you if they lost business, but it would certainly feel good until that time. Hiring spammers to promote a questionable product is not the best advertising.

Here in this forum we don’t have that issue, thank goodness.

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My sister tried replying to spammers in that way and is now in the hospital.

And I thought this thread was going to be about new Spam recipes. Spam, the Hawaiian delicacy.

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At the start of COVID I bought a case of Spam (8 cans) in case of supply-chain issues and they remain unopened. Not all people in Hawaii eat Spam. However, for those who do, I’ll donate them to the local food bank.

Our COSTCO has Spam and a lot of local items like local coffee, honey, cookies and products containing seaweed :slight_smile:

Everytime I see fish or seaweed I am reminded of the song. You know… “If you knew Sushi
like I know Sushi, Oh!, Oh!, Oh! What a girl!”

Cherry blossom and rice
Su-su-sushi shes so nice” Tubes

My mom was not a very good cook [running joke in the family for years] but she knew about ten ways to cook Spam and we had them all – over and over and over.