Cannot kill an email spam

I’ve blocked this, report as phishing, but it still comes…every…day

When I get Spam I just set up a filter to delete it, so I don’t see it again.

Some Spam and fishing emails have a mailing list code in the header of the message that I can trigger on. That eliminated may emails fom people who bought an email list.

Did that. Tried to filter it to block, then to spam. The second one worked, and then I tried to send it to junk. That does not work.
It now goes to spam so that helps.

I get soooooo much junk and spam it’s not a big deal, but has become a challenge. I have used the ‘report to phising’ and that has worked many times with other mail.

But not this one.

This appears it’s coming from Microsoft, but you think it’s spam. If this was me I would change my MS account password anyway, just in case this is really from MS.

I received the identical email. It is spam. I also had difficulty blocking the email but the email stopped coming after 4-5 repeats.