Amazon QR Codes

As a Prime Member, I buy a lot from Amazon.

Occasionally, I make returns. I have been accustom to printing the UPS label and taking it to my friendly UPS store… No Sweat.

Well this time it gave me a QR code about the size of a Postage Stamp. I have seen QR codes before but…I wondered.

Is my Laser Printer good enough to print this micro coded gibberish?
I felt more secure with a UPS shipping label. So I went to the UPS store, stood in line (Its Christmas time you know) and wondered if I would be sent away.

Well the UPS guy knew what to do and did his job… much to my relief.
I no sooner got home than I got an email saying my account had been credited with the return. Wow!

All this happened just in time for us geezers Amazon, Uber and Food delivery… What is next??? Getting old is getting a bit easier.

I salute you, as I have told people at Dr. offices, financial institutions, etc. me and technology are not friends.

Yes your printer is more than likely good enough. QR-codes are crafted to allow a lot of information in them, however the print density can be a problem. Smart QR providers will use a URL shortening service or keep the data content low to allow for cellphones and other optical scanning devices of varying quality scan them accurately.

Bar codes often have the code number printed under the image. Did the QR-code have anything else printed besides the code? If so they code could also be used by the recipient if needed.

My organization recently started ujsing QR-codes as a way to a;llow visitors to get directions to various venues. In our case the codes are simple ones, thus keeping the image easier to scan (less squares in it).

I don’t know specifically the checksums used but I know the QR code must include them the same way that barcodes do.

As an aside, barcodes are used on products in stores to allow the store to change prices in the computer and print a single label for the shelf rather than print new prices for each item. Changing the price on 1,000 cans of the same product can take seconds.

Happened to me a few times with Amazon returns via UPS. Get home and my account has been credited. Very good service.

You can simply scan it with a smartphone, bring your package to a ups store, repackaged or not bc they will pack it for you, and show the agent your phone pic and he will scan it with a wand. Voila! Amazon knows you sent it and will credit you right away. It is much easier as long as you can get to a ups store during business hours and are able to walk inside.