Newsletter Difficulties

Not exactly a website issue but am I the only one who is suddenly getting a Captcha pop up on the newsletters? Started yesterday and it would pop up as the photos - select all the photos with stairs or whatever. After doing that I had to check “I am not a robot”. Then I got to read the article. Today I am only getting the “I am not a robot” box and when I check it and click submit nothing happens. So no newsletter reading today. And may I add that I detest the lack of quality in Captcha photos?

Ya, those captcha photo things suck. I recall not being able to get past them once because I couldn’t get all the pics with a motorcycle or some stupid thing like that.

I have had the same issues. Hopefully the message board moderator will provide information.

There are a number of different CAPTCHA challenges. Some look to see certain attributes the browser has, soem are more difficult than others. Cloudflare (which is in front of many websites) now has a CAPTCHA that does not require people to answer questions.

The images you see like motorcycles and so on, may in fact be used to verify images for other purposes. Have you ever looked up a photo at google by name? How do you think some of those images were identified? Many people said that a “motorcycle” was this segment of a photo. The more people who define an area, the easier it is to say that is what it is, with authority.

Here is Cloudflares Turnstyle CAPTCHA replacement info: Cloudflare Turnstile, a free CAPTCHA replacement

So today I chose the photos, checked that I am not a robot and clicked on submit. Nothing happened. Tried the submit button again x2 with no luck. Then I just let it set there. Eventually it said “Verification expired: check the checkbox again.” I did and it was Ground Hog Day all over again. :grinning: Really would like to be able to read the articles in the newsletter. :worried: