Is it me, or is this forum structure awful?

I find reading this forum painful and repetitive. Are there settings that I missed? Or is that the reason that this forum doesn’t have the activity that previous Clark forums had?


Explain “painful and repetitive.” How so?

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Like I said, is there a setting I am missing so I don’t see the same reply over and over on the topic?

I personally find the format or structure very difficult and unfriendly to use, reminds me of the Treasury Direct website.

I do recognize your handle from the old message board and glad you are here. I guess the more we use this the more we will get use to it, I hope.

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Yep - not here as much as find the format annoying and the forum not as active and informative. The same old same old with some of the old predicable folk, and sorry to say some of the same negative agenda driven behavior remains today. Miss the glory days of the board and some of the old regulars. Learned from many, laughed with many. Wonder what 1 Character would have to say in these times :slight_smile:


Maybe everyone is on Tik Tok. Seems that way sometimes.

Couldn’t pay me to be on Tik Tok.

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On the top right of the screen, next to your Avatar you will see 3 horizontal lines. Click on that. Then on the next screen click on Latest. Hope that helps.

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It is more the way the replies show. I can find what topics, it is reading the topics efficiently.

i think what they are talking about is the way are all herded to this community,‘stockyard’. the system allowed comments on individual stories that you clicked. kinda like your local paper, yahoo news, etc.
this new method is clunky and not as, ‘fresh and responsive’ and many of us ’ hate it’, but alas, no response from the powers that be…

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Amen sister!

Some of us from the old board have been using this format for a while now. This MIGHT help, and for newbies might help organize the board a little better. The pic below shows the top of the screen. There is a dropdown box that defaults to “all categories”, so you will see everything that has been posted. YOu can select a category from that list and it will only show the posts in that category. So to discuss Investing or Technology, you will only see the posts in those categories. That makes it easier to find and follow. Also, if there is a category that you like, simply bookmark that page and use it as your link to get here. Those of us that are on that other board that uses this software have come to prefer it. Hope this might help

If you create a new discussion, the drop down box will have the topic you are in default there. If you create it from the “main screen”, it will default to “General Discussion”. ONce you get used to selecting the categories, it is much easier to navigate this site

Screenshot from 2023-03-09 09-28-18

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We are actively trying to cut down on the politically driven comments and posts. The is a money forum and all topics should be money focused. We delete a lot of comments and heavily rely on you guys to flag inappropriate comments for attention and possible deletion.

Also you shouldn’t be seeing the same comments over and over again. When you click on a topic, it will automatically jump you to the new comments that you haven’t read (unless you scroll up to older comments). Pay closer attention to where you’re landing and let us know if repetition continues to be a problem for you.

Thanks for your participation and continue forwarding feedback for improvements :green_heart:

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We hear you! We started off posting more of the individual articles for commenting, then the forum took off with a mind of its own. So we kind of let it be, as we’re trying to figure out what you like and don’t like. But if you all want to comment more on individual articles, I’ll be more intentional about posting ones that may generate discussion.

If you have a comment to an specific article that we missed, feel free to start the conversation by posting the story link with your comment. Then we can backfill the community discussion link in the article to funnel more responses.

u hear us! u really, really hear us!

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The old forums were a moment in time… how people interact online has changed. it’s been 20 years!

When would read through on the old (not the oldest but one of the previous iterations) I would see a logical flow to the topic with clear threading. Here, I can see Nancy’s response to me multiple times as I try and read the responses (KC’s also).

It was better when you had the politics board as a place were we could ignore the politics or read as we chose. Now it tries to sneak in on other topics. And, there are a few from the old board that like to think the world revolves around their opinions and manage to take topics off on their own personal rant. I doubt I will continue to come here much as it really doesn’t have the activity and knowledge that used to come from some of the old membership.

I’m an admin on another large forum that uses this platform (Discourse). It does take a bit of getting used to, but once you are used to how it works, I do think it’s absolutely the best platform out there.

If you are seeing the same reply multiple times, I’m going to take a guess at what’s happening. But first, a small explanation of the two different types of replies. When a member clicks the image button on an individual post, the reply is threaded and connected to that post. When a member clicks the image button at the bottom of a topic, that reply is simply tacked on the end with no threading.

For each post that has threaded replies, there will be a Replies link at the bottom of the post like this image. If you click that, it expands in place to show all those replies, like this:

Each one of those has a down arrow to take you to the where the reply sits in the chronological thread. You can use the down arrow to jump down to one of the replies or you can close the expanded replies by clicking the ^ icon. The advantage of this system is that you easily read everything in chronological order if you choose, or you can jump around following sub-threads of replies.

I’m guessing you are clicking the Replies button on your topic, which shows you those replies and then seeing them again as you scroll down the thread. I think that may be why you say you see replies multiple times. That’s normal. But again, once you get used to it, it is very powerful.

One thing that might help is if you send a Personal Message to @discobot with text “start tutorial”, it will start a short tutorial on how to use the Discourse forum platform. There’s also a more traditional user guide here: Discourse New User Guide - users - Discourse Meta.

Hope this helps.

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You’ve disabled me in your preferences. You need to allow new user onboarding tips to interact with me.

Thank You… very enlightening.

I have been using discourse based forums for several years. I did not know all you mentioned.

I agree Discourse was challenging to start but overall the best board format out there.

I did not know I could isolate what amounts to a sub-string… I will have to play with that.

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