Loving the new Clark Community

Great choice of forum platform. Discourse takes a little getting used to, but it is so powerful and easy to use once you do.


YAY! So happy you’re loving it!

I don’t think most of the old members are finding their way here.

How about adding/changing something here with signup instructions beyond the moderator thing?

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I was told they are rolling it out slowly. I don’t think there’s been a wide announcement yet. The Message Boards link on the main clark.com site still says “Coming Soon”.

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I always wanted to be a Beta!

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Thanks for the suggestion! @Rick is correct. We are testing it and rolling it out slowly. We will market it to the masses, after we’ve worked out the kinks - soon!

Hopefully this is the LAST time we have to re-register, this is at least the THIRD incarnation of forums :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss the Technology category. Cannot think of any usernames right now but one or two guys used to talk about Linux Mint. One guy had the avatar of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.


Great Suggestion! We’ll look at our technology content to possibly form a new category and see if we can get those users over to the new forum.

Please bring back the Technology category. It was great.


That’s the reason I am so late in arriving.

I kept going to the old url and getting that message.

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Better late than never! Welcome to the community! We’re so glad you found us.

We were doing a very slow, soft launch to this new community to learn the system and work out the kinks before we open it up to the masses. The Message Boards link on the main site now links here.

Thanks for your patience!

@TeamClarkAdmin @Sally_TeamClark There needs to be a way to MUTE conversations I’m not interested in seeing ever. Also a way to mark an individual thread as read, or mark all as read.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will research & explore these feature possibilities.

At the bottom of a thread, look for the button that says Watching or Tracking or Normal. Clicking this button will reveal the Muted option:


Or click the bell icon in the navigation slider at the right side to get the same options:


To mark a thread as read, simply scroll down to the bottom using the nav slider at the right side. The forum will note that you have read the thread.

To mark multiple threads as read, navigate to the New or Unread panes using the hamburger menu image at the top. Then on the New or Unread pages, look for the Dismiss button at the end of the list, bottom right.

One more thing: click your avatar, top right, then the person icon image, then Preferences. In the Notifications section and it’s three subsections on the left side, you can adjust how you are notified about topics and categories.


I’m HERE now - missed all of you - glad we can again share our knowledge with one another.
Looking forward to it.

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This site looks like it operates like some other of the more modern community sites I’ve tried. I had a login for mb.clark.com in my password manager but those old credentials didn’t work, so I made a new set for here.