Is this forum replacing comments on individual articles?

Is this forum replacing comments on individual articles?

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Can you be more specific? Examples??

Well I do not see ANYWHERE on an article’s page that allows me to comment anymore.

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What articles? Where?

If you want to reference something on Clark’s site, just provide a link to it.

Sample page

This is how articles used to read:

They don’t say that anymore.


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Then just do this:
blah, blah, blah…
Here’s what Clark said…

Thanks! I liked it when they had them.

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my question is WHY did go to the NEW comment method?
feels cold AND clunky. what can we do to to bring the old system back???

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I agree. It was so much easier to comment at the bottom of the article!

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kept it current and real
my wife keeps lookin at me and reminds me

ain’t our world anymore boo

I agree this new way to comment is a bit cumbersome. I used to log in on disquis and they would, every now and then, censor my comments when they didn’t agree with what I said, so from that point of view, this is so much better.

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Hi everyone, we have removed comments from, and instead, we’re encouraging readers to share their opinions here in our community. Our articles are updated frequently in an effort to ensure our information is helpful and accurate, and the comments associated with articles can, unfortunately, become outdated. The shift to the community helps our readers share opinions on current, updated topics. We are always so grateful for your feedback and we will continue to listen. Thank you for your patience as we make changes and improvements to

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I guess that makes sense. :slight_smile:

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But comments made when Disqus handled article comments didn’t carry over it seems. Looking over my witty comments over the prior year via disqus, &, one in particular, I see someone replied to me; however, when I am linked to the article, my comment is gone.

Indeed, the comments altogether are gone. Instead, there is a link that leads to the article’s comments on this community site. Except the article’s comments no longer exist & I am left forever wondering what insights that person had revealed in their response to my comment…(?)

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Generally sited that use forums for comments, include a link to a forum thread dedicated to the article. Another podcast I listen to, Mac Power Users(MPU) creates a forum post for each podcast episode for listeners to discuss it.

Clark could do the same thing for articles and podcast episodes. Now, I don’ t know how much use that would get, or if it would be worth the effort. But, it’s something they could try to see if it flies or not.

Great feedback, @majorgear. This forum is pretty new so we really appreciate user ideas to help us make it better.


I am a member of a different forum where they finally upgraded the software. That forum is a user to user forum with occasional posts from the company but other than that, crickets. When people posted SPAM at least you could list it as so and it would be taken down

After the update it appears that there is no moderation at all. Nobody cares. In fact it is not unusual to see the same bot (or person) post 20 messages about Keto or CBD spam.

Since the update it appears that many people just stopped posting help. The company running the forum is scheduled to be bought by a big computer company. Hopefully that will solve the problem by the end of the year.

It is just a shame that someone went to a lot of trouble to fix things and then just walked away.

I don’t know, do you want to consider it poor customer service? It was a comment about a different site that has issues and the members have pretty much stopped posting.

It is SOMEWHAT parallel to this site in that both sites were recently updated, but the other one doesn’t have any activity to speak of. That was the SOMEWHAT reference.

Thanks for your insight!