Tablet suggestions to watch YouTube TV?

Looking for device to search internet, check email, watch YouTube TV. No phone, games, etc. Recommendations? Thanks.

For recommendations I like to talk to the people at Best Buy. They are very helpful and knowledgeable and can show you the devices that would work for you. I also prefer to purchase from them rather than Amazon or some such – I want to keep the stores in business. They also have the Geek Squad protection, if that is useful to you.

I haven’t gone wrong with the desktop, laptop, tablet, TV, phone, and security camera I bought from them. They also have a rewards program – accumulate $$ purchases, get coupons, etc. Shop the sales, too - they have good sale prices.

How portable do or don’t you want it to be? Larger screen size can be nice, but it makes it less portable. Costco is also a good source with knowledgable sales people (my experience at Best Buy is that most of the sales clerks have little to no training about the products in their department). For online purchases, is our goto source for any ekectronics.