Where Can I watch It?

Clark mentioned his Streaming Channel guide which helps you decide how to watch a particular channel.

I use a service that lets me see where a particular movie or show is and how much it will cost. It shows the service, cost (if any) to watch or rent ow own.

For example, a neighbor had created a documentary called “Following Seas” where she and her husband sailed around the world multiple times and had enough adventures it would make a series. Anyway, using the app, I was able to see where I could see the documentary. To actually purchase it, Apple TV is $2 more than the other providers. Good to know.

Try the free app with your favorite movie or TV series. You may find that a series has more episodes availalable on one service than another.

A song has been in my head for days, the theme from the movie “The Vikings” (1958). So using the app I can watch it right now for free: