Live TV straight from your Smart TV

I have not seen it discussed or reviewed yet, but most Smart TV’s have the ability to play live internet TV channels. Using this method, there is no need to download or run apps, use additional devices, login to services, etc. The channels offer great content and are the same channels that many of the apps provide. This is especially true if you like to watch episodes from classic TV series.

I would like to see others in the Clark community comment and review this content. I would especially like to hear what they find might be their favorite channels using this method of watching. Maybe I will learn about channels that I have not tried yet.

I spent some time a few years ago chasing some of the content on the Internet on my first smart TV, after a while I lost interest.

The problem that I had with the direct web-to-smart-TV programming is that it’s a real pain to separate the programing wheat from the chafe. And, in my opinion, the programming worth watching, unless you are a member of the small audience of fringe content consumers, is close to nonexistent. Stuff like the Andy Griffith show and the Honeymooners were stuffed with distracting low-grade ads and interruptions.