T-Mobile new account email fraud?

My partner received a series of emails from T-Mobile about opening a new account. The emails appear legitimate because they come from a t-mobile.com email account. The emails are welcome to T-Mobile, plan information and shipping information for 2 phones shipping to a phone retailer in Louisiana (we live in Washington.) She is not a T-Mobile customer and did not make any sort of order with them. Her credit is frozen at all 3 bureaus and so far there are no wayward charges on any accounts. The email account she received the emails to is a “junk” gmail account she has just to use Google apps and she’ll occasionally use to sign up to newsletters for coupon codes. Also, the emails say “Hello Breezy” which is a part of her email name but is not related at all to her full legal name.

Should we be worried? Does she need to contact T-Mobile?