AT&T ruined a Christmas surprise

Went into the local AT&T store. Bought a phone for my teenage phone for Christmas. The manager put a screen protector on it, turned it on, made sure everything worked, boxed it back up, told me to come back the day after Christmas so we could port my son’s number from his current dinosaur phone over to the sleek new one. Perfect.

And then, the day after, AT&T started texting his number to ask how the service provided was in the purchase of his new phone.

Screw AT&T. Way to ruin a kid’s Christmas surprise. What resolution is there to make a customer whole in this? Nothing I can think of.

Post to their community forums. They need to do better.

I just went several rounds with ATT. A couple weeks ago I received a mailing saying my wireless plan included a free subscription to HBO Max (now Max). Great. I scanned the QR code, followed the instructions and it said I wasn’t authorized. So I called their customer service and got someone in India. After putting me on hold several times he finally came back and said my plan didn’t qualify for the offer. Huh? So I went to their community forum. They do answer promptly. But same story. They listed all the plans that qualify for free Max. Mine doesn’t. So why did I get this nice piece of mail saying I did qualify? “oh sorry, that must have been a mistake”.

Im guessing those messages are automated for new service and/or phone activations.

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