I've sued Costco!

Even before the implosion of Wireless Advocates, the company that owns the wireless phone kiosks in every Costco in the USA, the contractor refused to issue $600 worth of ShopCards which I was entitled to receive in exchange for activating two T-Mobile lines. Costco offered me ZERO assistance other than to refer me back to the rebate processing agent multiple times. I’ve have enough!
Today I filed suit against Wireless Advocates AND Costco.

I won’t stop shopping at Costco because of this. But, I’ve been a loyal Costco member since 1997 and it’s shameful that the situation has deteriorated to this point.

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From what I have read, Wireless Advocates has gone out of business, allegedly because Comcast said they would renew their contract. I am surprised that Costco hasn’t yet offered something to its customers, but whether or not they have any liability is the question.

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I also did that deal. I got the $600 in Costco Gift Cards.
As I recall I had to wait several months for them.

I called Costco and they gave me a date I would receive them. I did but wondered why the delay especially since they knew the exact date. I bought the 2 s20 phones a year ago over Black Friday Weekend… Great Deal.

The Phone Rep was new and not sure what he was doing. I was directed to go to a TMobile corporate Store. He was great… copied stuff from my old phone including the phone number. I am on the Tmobile 55+ plan at about $65 a month for unlimited TT&D on 2 phones.

Glad to see you active in here.

Let us know how this works out.

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Thank you, that’s Jade, a retiree from a cattery.

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Funny, I’m in Costco a minimum of once weekly (usually up and down every aisle for my steps) and hadn’t even noticed the kiosks are now non functional. :grinning:

I think they caved! Within four hours of being served with the summons and complaint yesterday, someone from Costco’s Office of General Counsel called me to say that my ShopCards and $200 court costs were in the mail to me. I’ll believe it when I see it.

I am not surprised.

That has been my experience in using small claims court on several occasions.

I was in Costco tonight and looked at the kiosk because I knew the partner had shut it down with apparently no notice to employees or Costco. Many of the kiosks at Costco will be manned by T-Mobile people as things get settled.

There was a list of telephone numbers for the carriers which customers could call to get answers.

I personally believe Costco was caught off guard and is doing their best to fulfil things but they may not have all the information from the last vendor.

Wondering how you sue a National Company.

Was it served to the local store or the HQ in Washington State?
Did you file it in your state?

Any more info you can provide?
Glad to see you got their attention.

Costco and Wireless Advocates each have a registered agent” in Georgia, which means they can be sued here. I haven’t actually served the registered agents yet, but Costco reached out to me within hours of receiving a “courtesy copy” of the suit by overnight delivery.

I will dismiss the suit once I receive the Shop Cards and court costs.

Almost every state has a Long Arm Statute.

The rule is if you do business in a state then you are subject to the jurisdiction of the state courts.

Also, the registered agents are usually listed on the states’s secretary of state web site.