Southwest Air 'rope-a-dope'

Had an issue with my Southwest Air frequent flyer account. Coudn’t log on. I called the Southwest 800 customer service number. Apparently, instead of in house customer service, instead of contracting out the customer service, Southwest is giving their customer service to a third party travel site. They never explained what was really going on. Anyway, just saw a $200 charge for travel expense on my credit card. I had no idea what the fee was for, and the travel site did a good job keeping things vague, but I was scammed. What’s crazy is I used the Southwest customer service phone number. My encounter had zero affiliation with Southwest and they don’t tell you (couldn’t understand their lack of english if they did explain) that it’s a third party advertisement. As I’m writing this I phoned the number on the credit card statement and the guy calling me back was getting argumentative. Anyway, I’ve never had an experience like this but wanted to put it on here as a heads up. Anyone else have this type of experience?

What number? Are you sure you called the right number?

I’ve known cases where people did a web search for a company’s phone number, and then accidentally clicked on an advertisement for a 3rd party.

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I would call my credit card company.

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This sounds to me more like you called the wrong number and got scammed…

Since its on your CC you can always dispute it.

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