Becareful when calling Southwest Customer Service

Ok, so I called Southwest due to technical issues I’ve been encountering at I assumed I called the right number but when I connected with the rep the person was asking which site am I calling about which was a red flag and he said he knows my problem before I even told him the issue. I hung up right away and when I checked the number I misdialed the number by 1!.

Southwest Customer Service Number: 1-800-435-9792

Phone Number I dialed: 1-800-432-9792

I made a mistake and dialed the 2 instead of the 5!

Please be careful everyone!

A typical answer from someone who gets misdialed calls.

My local number is the same as a toll free number with 1 digit off. I keep getting calls from California callers trying to reach a Baptist Organization. Their webmaster mistyped a digit. I tell callers the correct number and to ask the group to adjust the website.

Another call I get is for a farm with the same name as mine but with the word goat added. They sell goats, I sell coffee. The minute they mention milk or goats, I interrupt and give them the correct number.

I am cordial because I have misdialed numbers before. However I also Google my numbers to see if there is a mis-printing somewhere. My old number that I have not used in over 10 years is still listed on various websites; you know, those that publish your info and then try to get you to pay them. Another one is a USDA web posting from 15 years ago that nobody seems to update.

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