A tale of two airlines

We have had markedly different experiences obtaining reimbursements from United Airlines and Southwest airlines. United Airlines cancelled our return flight due to crew issues and rebooked us for the next day. It took 74 days to get an email response that we would receive reimbursement for our overnight expenses despite several follow up emails asking “where is the money”. With Southwest the return flight cancellation was weather related and we rebooked for the same day for arrival at an airport ninety minutes from our residence. It took 2 days to get the Southwest email confirming reimbursement for the additional cost of the rebooked flight.

That sounds super frustrating, especially when you’re waiting so long for reimbursement and getting no clear answers. However, it’s great to hear that Southwest were quick to respond and were able to sort out your refund when weather disrupted your flight. I think it’s just one of those situations where different companies have different approaches to customer service.