Remove personal information from the Internet

Any reviews on subscription service DeleteMe. Service requests you Submit your personal information for removal from search engines and data broker sites. The catch22 submit your personal information to request in turn have it removed. Alternatives?

Here’s what I do: pepper the internet with incorrect information. Whenever some site asks for a birthdate, mother’s maiden name, street I grew up on, or whatever else, I make something up. I record my answer in my password manager in case I need it later to verify my identity.

If you own real property or cars, that information will be publicly available unless you title it in some other name (company or trust). So there’s not a whole lot to be gained by trying to remove everything. Certainly not worth paying someone to try to remove it.

I went to one site and they wanted me to pay to remove the data. I told them that I was being stalked and threatened, and if it was found that their site was tthe one that they used, I would sue. They said that the information they had for me was ‘publically available’ and other sites also had it. I suggested ‘Would you rather be the one sued or one of the other sites?’.

Magically, my info disappeared.

Sometimes a story is better than the truth.

I also use an Internet birth date for sites where an actual date does not matter. Security questions like ‘Mothers Maiden Name’ are answered with bogus info.

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