Paid surveys and personal information

I wanted to start Doing whatever I could to make some extra money including taking paid surveys et cetera

I’ve been wondering about putting my breast date down and taking a survey with survey junkie or another money making endeavor. Or even any kind of personal information that could somehow be used to fish or something.

I used to do lots of surveys. I signed up with an email specifically for that. I used a fake date for my birthday. I have what I and my friends call an Internet Birthday which is used for everything not cruitical to have a real birthdate for. That includes those apps for free dinners for your birthday, etc. Many let you have a free or discounted meal in the month of your birth, so they don’t need to know a specific date. You just show them your drivers license at payment time in the restaurant.

I have several of those. I treat a request for my birthday like a password: I enter a random date and save it into my password manager along with the password. That also makes me less vulnerable to hacking because my data is polluted with fake information in various companies’ databases (which are guaranteed to be hacked). It also spreads my free dinners around the year, instead of all at the same time. No one has ever asked me for ID when using one.